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Ireland: Vote Yes to Equality

I’m voting Yes to marriage equality in the Irish referendum on the 22nd of May. If you’re Irish and haven’t registered yet then get registered! Seriously, you only have until May 6th.

Expat Kid: Return to Luxembourg

Returning to visit Luxembourg after a year abroad is like slipping into your favourite winter coat after a long summer. It’s the reassuring handshake with a good friend you haven’t seen in years.… Continue reading

New events website:

I’m now working for at their EU headquarters in Luxembourg as a communications & media intern, on a variety of social and multimedia projects. Not content with the vast amount of work… Continue reading

International news bulletin

As recorded during work experience with Ara City Radio in Luxembourg.

Grease DVD (School Production)

A preview video for the Grease DVD which I filmed and produced while at the European School of Luxembourg, with a fantastic team of students and friends manning the various cameras over several… Continue reading