I’ve started a new content-focused role at eBay Inc, improving job descriptions globally for their five main business ares (including PayPal) and building out training materials for a new job description format. I’m based out of their EMEA office in Dublin, Ireland.

IMG_20150112_080459eBay's EMEA HQ in Dublin

It’s is very different from my previous roles in that, other than some support sourcing new content for the internal HR site, it’s very much single-focus: I’ll be creating a very high volume of job descriptions (roughly 600) in a very short space of time, then rolling them out with training and legacy support for future job descriptions.


As I’m used to juggling multiple projects at once it remains to be seen how much I’ll enjoy this relentless focus on producing job descriptions, but I’m hoping the sheer scale of the project will keep it interesting…and no doubt there will be opportunities to learn and take part in other initiatives along the way!

eBay recently overtook Amazon as the most popular retailer on mobile in the UK, and as the most popular retail website, which is massive when you consider mobile shopping is now overtaking desktop shopping. It will definitely be interesting to see how working at eBay compares to working at Amazon.