The road is long but so worth it

The year is now 2023 and it appears my last blog post here was….2015. Almost a decade! Woah.

You know when you keep putting something off because you just don’t have time, but you keep saying “I’ll come back to it, it’s just not top of the list right now”? That’s been the past 8 years.

So, what have I been up to since 2015?

Changed jobs, founded my own company, traveled Europe in a self-built campervan, got married, and bought a house. Along the way, I’ve climbed mountains, found a love of paddleboarding, and got back into rollerblading. Madness.

  • 2015: finished up at eBay/PayPal and got hired by Salesforce as Student Recruitment Coordinator
  • 2016: co-founded and ran a digital campaign,, ahead of the UK’s brexit referendum
  • Finished up at Salesforce. Worked at Ireland’s National Lottery as a Web Content Manager.
  • Started freelancing (websites / video / written content…anything I could find!)
  • Founded my own company, Dunne Gets It Done Ltd.
  • 2017: built a campervan with Ella and traveled across Europe for three months (from UK to Croatia)
  • 2018: decided to focus my company on web design and website care: was born
  • 2019: got married to the love of my life
  • 2020 – 2022: pandemic. Worked like crazy and went nowhere, but at least people wanted websites.
  • 2023 (present): bought a house in Dublin + expanding FlyingFish + new projects on the way!

That’s the highlights anyway. They look great!

But what’s not listed above are the lowlights. And boy were there many! The times I struggled to find the next job. Feeling I lacked the experience or confidence I needed, feeling like an imposter. Not earning enough, no matter how many hours I put in. The times things broke and needed urgent fixing. All the overtime and weekend work. The days of questioning every decision. Rollercoasters of emotion.

It’s not that I didn’t want to share my journey. But when you’re still working the big things out, you don’t always have energy, time or space in your brain. When you don’t know if you’re succeeding or failing, you don’t always feel like blogging. So I stopped. Waited for space.

It’s taken the past decade (man I feel old) to find the path I am truly happy with. But here we are. Firmly on that path. Feels like day one again. And I’ve got stuff to say again.

Stay tuned for more.