I’ve just earned a certificate for the completion of another online data course, Making Sense of Data, and hopefully taken another step towards becoming a full-fledged data journalist. I also have another excellent course lined up already! 
Making Sense of Data
The course I completed explored effective ways to clean, analyse and present data using the fantastic Google Fusion Tables tool. If you’re interested I believe you can still sign up to access all of the course materials (though you won’t be able to earn the certificate any longer). 

Next up:  Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools from the European Centre for Journalism, starting May 19th! I’m really looking forward to this one…and you can still sign up for free if you’re interested.
[vimeo 86005643 w=500 h=281]
This new course will cover:

  1. Data journalism in the newsroom
  2. Finding data to support stories
  3. Finding story ideas with data analysis
  4. Dealing with messy data
  5. Telling stories with visualization

Start date: May 19th 2014
Duration: To be announced
Requirements: Basic journalism skills. Basic computer literacy. Familiarity with spreadsheets.
Cost: Free!
The lecturers (Simon Rogers, Paul Bradshaw, Steve Doig, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Alberto Cairo)  look brilliant:
[vimeo 85257034 w=500 h=281]
Back in March 2013 I completed a great introductory course to data journalism given by Alberto Cairo via the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. It was fantastic and is really what got me so into data journalism to start with, so I’m delighted I’ll soon be learning from him again!