Below is my first foray into the world of infographics, a project looking at declining print circulation within the British press. It was inspired by an article I read on February’s circulation figures and is my final project for a Data Journalism course I’ve been taking and has shaken my belief the future for print newspapers is purely digital. Click the picture to be taken to the full PDF file.

british press decline

Over the last eight weeks I’ve spent much of my spare time taking part in a Data Journalism course from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, led by Alberto Cairoa  lecturer in Data Visualisation at the  School of Communication at the University of Miami.  The project above is my final assignment. 

The course (which used a combination of video lectures, reading materials, online resources, online quizzes and group discussions) has been a really great experience which taught me a lot. Being able to fit my studies around my job was fantastic and I definitely see a big future for online courses now that I’ve completed one and seen the benefits firsthand!

The course was also a great follow up to the Advanced Multimedia Storytelling module I took when studying at the University of Kent’s Centre for Journalism, which also focused on elements of data visualisation.

But back to the data: the above infographic not only taught me a lot about infographic creation, but has also shaken my previously held belief that print has only got a purely digital future. It opened my eyes to the possibility of digital and print news co-existing for a long time to come, each driving traffic to the other.

I could tell you what else I discovered, but I think I’ll let the infographic above do the talking and allow you to make your own observations!