After almost a year and a half living apart, my girlfriend Ella has moved from the UK to live with me in Dublin! She’s now been living over here for a week and a day, and tomorrow is our relationship’s third year anniversary…so the whole thing is doubly exciting! 

Ella in Howth
Ella on Howth Head, Dublin

We’re thinking of doing a master’s degree together in the Netherlands after the summer, but it will all depend on what happens next. For the moment Ella’s looking for work here in Ireland so we’re keeping our options open – be sure to check out her LinkedIn profile if you’re looking for someone in Dublin with journalism skills!

We first started going out while on the same course at the University of Kent, then stayed together after each returning home after graduation. Ella lived in the UK while I lived in Luxembourg. One timezone apart, for almost one and a half years, isn’t much when compared with some long-distance relationships, but it doesn’t seem any easier when you’re living it. Now Ella’s taken the leap and moved over here I swing from feeling ecstatic to be living with her again, to worrying about the whole new set of challenges we’re facing. Mostly just ecstatic! 

Ella & Paul

My advice if you’re in a long-distance relationship? Make plans together and dream big dreams, but take it one step at a time and be ready for whatever opportunities come your way or to change course if you need to. Always talk things through with each other so you’re on the same page about where you’re headed. And don’t give up for anything! Believe me it’s worth it.

Budapest Ella
Happy third year anniversary Ella! Here’s to our future! ♥