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The man who made data sing

Hans Rosling was the man who made data sing. Last week, I was truly saddened to learn he had died. A giant in the world of data presentation, the Swedish statistician was a huge inspiration who passionately ‘edutained’ audiences the world over.

Dublin Flat Finder

Explore Dublin rental property prices, discover how much you could save by commuting and maybe even spot your next flat: I’ve built an interactive map of Dublin rental properties. 

New Online Data Journalism Courses

I’ve just earned a certificate for the completion of another online data course, Making Sense of Data, and hopefully taken another step towards becoming a full-fledged data journalist. I also have another excellent course… Continue reading

Amazon: The Truth Behind the Click

I recently watched Panorama’s undercover documentary Amazon: The Truth Behind The Click. Having worked in several Amazon warehouses on video projects I learned their workers don’t have it easy…but then does anyone doing a low-wage… Continue reading