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Ireland: Vote Yes to Equality

I’m voting Yes to marriage equality in the Irish referendum on the 22nd of May. If you’re Irish and haven’t registered yet then get registered! Seriously, you only have until May 6th.

Trip to the Giant’s Causeway

I’ve finally got around to uploading some photos from an October trip to the Giant’s Causeway (and the nearby Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge) with Ella. Click here to see them! https://plus.google.com/113293107244574628640/posts/bvZYpp5shQt I’ve wanted to visit the Giant’s Causeway for years,… Continue reading

Expat Kid: Return to Luxembourg

Returning to visit Luxembourg after a year abroad is like slipping into your favourite winter coat after a long summer. It’s the reassuring handshake with a good friend you haven’t seen in years.… Continue reading

Surfing in Bundoran, Donegal

I went surfing for the first time last weekend and really enjoyed it! If you’ve never gone before I’d highly recommend trying it out for yourself…I’ve definitely found a new passion and will be going again when… Continue reading

Three Years of Ella

After almost a year and a half living apart, my girlfriend Ella has moved from the UK to live with me in Dublin! She’s now been living over here for a week and… Continue reading

Journalism of Hope: Lord Puttnam at Google

Lord Puttnam came to Google Dublin recently and gave a brilliant talk on leadership which I attended – read my thoughts on Puttnam’s Five Laws of Creative Leadership over here. But now I… Continue reading

New job with Google

I’m now working as a University Programmes Coordinator for Google, at their EMEA headquarters in Dublin. This wasn’t planned: after finishing my internship with Amazon I was looking forward to a summer break… Continue reading