Another 417 ton electrical transformer is to cause heavy traffic on its way from Chatham’s docks to Faversham power station in Sittingbourne, on Friday the 5th of March. Yesterday evening saw several hours worth of delays as the first transformer left the docks bound for Kensington substation.


It took road workers a full week to remove traffic signals, street lighting, signs, bollards and even small trees in order to make way for the first one. Timbers had to be laid down over kerb stones in order to prevent them from getting crushed by the heavy load.

One road worker described the sight of the 101 meter long, 3 meter wide rig consisting of two lorries and a trailer, as a once in a lifetime event, stating that in the 30 years he’d been in the job he’d never seen anything quite like it. “It’s things like this that make my job worthwhile,” he exclaimed while snapping several photos of the massive transformer to show his family later.