I’ve signed up for a one day  Journopreneur Workshop in London on the 31st of May. It looks pretty cool and covers (among other things) the following:

  • Sourcing, pitching and telling stories across platforms.
  • Securing the best (not always the largest) audience.
  • Exploring digital to build relationships and distribute your work.
  • Packaging up skills and expertise to create additional products and services.
  • And ultimately- following your passion while making it all pay.

The course is run by Danielle Batiste, an international freelancer with 13 years experience who has mentored journalism students across the UK. More details on the course site
What really appeals to me is the workshop focuses on entrepreneurial skills needed to be a successful freelance journalist. I reckon I’m really going to enjoy it. I also think it’s important for me to keep taking opportunities like this (along with other online courses) to continue to improve my journalism skills while I’m working in another industry. It’s also a great excuse for me to spend a weekend in London!
The regular cost is £150, but if you’re a member of Wannabe Hacks (free to join and very much worth it if you’re into journalism) you can get it for £120. Not too bad for what they’re offering. The course  only has a total of eight places and is happening at the end of this month,  so if you’re interested I’d suggest you sign up asap!