I went surfing for the first time last weekend and really enjoyed it! If you’ve never gone before I’d highly recommend trying it out for yourself…I’ve definitely found a new passion and will be going again when I get the chance.


Ella and I had been talking about going for some time and last week we finally took the plunge and went surfing in Bundoran, Donegal. Bundoran, a town located on the north-west coast of Ireland where it catches the brunt of the moody Atlantic, sits among the top 20 surf spots in the world. It’s often referred to as a surfer’s “Cold Water Eden”. 

A work colleague who had himself been several times before strongly recommended we go with Bundoran Surf Co for accommodation and lessons, and my team at work got me a voucher for Bundoran Surf Co as a leaving present. All I can say is: thank you!


This was the easy part.

Bundoran Surf Co is tons of fun, really friendly and fantastic value (lesson and one nights stay for two: about 100 EUR). Neither myself or my girlfriend had been surfing before, but they put us at ease from the moment we arrived. Small touches like ever-helpful staff, a BBQ at the surf lodge and hot chocolate after surfing completed the experience. The photos on this page were taken by them and uploaded to their Facebook page.

The surfing experience itself was fantastic, even for a total beginner like myself. The cold was never an issue thanks to the wetsuits provided and, though the weather was great, I don’t think it would have made much difference had it been raining (always a possibility in Ireland)…I was far too busy falling off my surfboard to notice the weather!

The instructors were great and by the end of the lesson (roughly one and a half hours) I had managed to catch a few decent waves and actually stand up on my board. So much fun!


Me, almost standing! 

I’ll definitely be back, hopefully with a group of friends. Next time I’ll probably stay longer and wouldn’t go out the night before (it was my leaving party at work) so I’m not too tired to enjoy Bundoran by night as well as by day! There was a great atmosphere at night, if the sounds from outside my window were anything to go by. 

We drove down, a drive of about three hours, but there are also plenty of other ways to get there if you don’t have a car. If you’ve never tried surfing, and especially if you live in Ireland, I can’t recommend it as a great way to spend a weekend enough.